About AJI

A Culinary Journey to the Orient

Who we are?

A Culinary Legacy in Oriental Cuisine

For over two decades, we have proudly stood as one of the pioneering Oriental food suppliers in the market. With an extensive history dating back to the early years, our experience has shaped us into a reliable and innovative force in the industry.

Technological Prowess: Navigating the Future with Precision

Embracing the digital era, we stand as a technologically-savvy company, equipped with an advanced warehouse management system, an efficient inventory management program, and a streamlined data exchange system. This commitment to technology enables us to operate seamlessly and provide our customers with a level of service that is both efficient and cutting-edge.

Diverse Culinary Offerings: Bringing the Best of Asia to Your Table

We take pride in supplying products from six distinct cuisines, with Japanese and Korean options ranking among the most popular. Catering to the diverse palates of our customers, we ensure that our product selection spans the richness of Asian culinary traditions.

HORECA Partnership: A Significant Part of Our Identity

A substantial 30% of our turnover comes from the HORECA sector. To maintain the highest standards, all our products undergo meticulous evaluation by HORECA professionals, ensuring that they meet the discerning tastes of the culinary experts.

Introducing AJI: Crafting Exotic Flavors for Our Market

In 2016, we embarked on a new chapter by establishing our very own exotic cuisine brand – AJI. Translating to “flavor” in Japanese, AJI encapsulates the essence of our mission: to bring the best exotic flavors to our market with the ultimate price-quality ratio.

Solving Challenges with AJI:

Flexibility, Quality, and Education

AJI addresses challenges prevalent in the market:

  1. Negotiating Small Orders and Flavor Adjustments: AJI stands as a symbol of flexibility and rapid response. We adapt our products to the market’s needs, ensuring flavors and packaging are tailored for our audience. Informative labels accompany our products for ease of understanding.

  2. Tough Price Competition: The introduction of new players in the retail market heightened the battle for better prices. AJI empowers us to influence product prices and quality, guaranteeing high standards at competitive rates.

  3. Educating the Market: Recognizing the lack of familiarity with Asian cuisine, AJI’s design targets specific Asian cuisines, making it easier for customers to choose and prepare meals. Through effective branding and educational initiatives, we bridge the gap between our products and the potential customers.

How AJI Works:

A Culinary Journey From Far East to Your Table

AJI products are not just authentic; they are crafted and produced in the Far East. Our longstanding relationships with manufacturers ensure that our specialists’ requests are honored, resulting in high-quality products tailored to our market’s demands. From the sourcing of ingredients to the packaging process, AJI labels guide our customers, and our hands-on approach guarantees exceptional results at every step of the way.