About AJI

Who we are?

We are one of the first Oriental food suppliers in the market with more than 20 years of experience.

We are a technologically-savvy company (advanced warehouse management system, inventory management program, data exchange system).

We supply products from 6 different cuisines, Japanese and Korean being the most popular ones.

30% of turnover – HORECA.

All products – evaluated by HORECA professionals.

AJI Brand

In 2016, we’ve established our own exotic cuisine brand AJI.

AJI ( 味 ) – means “flavor” in Japanese.

The best exotic flavors adapted for the needs of our market. We have the ultimate price-quality ratio.

Promptness and great flexibility in terms of products’ quality, flavor as well as clients needs (quantities, quality, other changes).

What problems we solved with AJI?


Difficulties in negotiation about small orders, fewer units per carton, flavors‘ adjustments.

AJI brand stands for flexibility and quick reaction. We ensure that all the products are adapted to our market the right way in terms of their flavor and packaging (units per carton, the size of orders). We also supply informative, easier to understand product labels.


The introduction new players in retail market caused new challenges, made the battle for better prices even tougher.

Some of the manufacturers with whom we worked until 2016 were very inflexible in terms of price and quality.

We created our brand so we could exert influence over the products’ prices and quality: now we can ensure high quality and competitive prices.


Quite a lot of potential customers are still not familiar enough with Asian cuisine: they cannot attribute different products to their respective cuisines, they don’t know how to prepare them, how to eat them, etc.

AJI’s design specifically targets different Asian cuisines: Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese. This makes it easier for the customer to choose the right products to prepare a specific meal.

With a single brand we can deliver a wide range of products and offer effective promotions; we can also invest in educating the customers, offer customized kits (e.g. product kits with recipes to prepare a specific dish for a better price).

How it works?

We purposefully choose our Asian products so they could be easily used to prepare food at home.

AJI products are authentic, created and produced in the Far East. During all these years of working together, we’ve formed great relations with our manufacturers: they take into account the requests of our specialists to create high quality products that would meet the demands of our market, and they also package these products in the way that is convenient to us. We take care of informative AJI labels.

We control all the process and it allows us to ensure great results.